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I am an old hippy chick writer with stories to tell.  I live in the city but have turned my backyard into a farm where I grow organic food and dance amongst the chickens.  I began my farming career several years ago after reading yet another headline telling me that the American diet of processed, sugar laden, chemically-enhanced, genetically-modified food we are eating is making us sick.  I went in search of a healthier diet and found new way of life.


Transforming a city-gal into a farmer has been quite a challenge but the journey has been more rewarding than I could have imagined.   And the chickens are amazing.  They are more relaxing than wine, more entertaining than T.V. and more fun than a box full of giggles.  (I dare you not to laugh when you see chickens running across the yard, listing from side to side like drunken sailors with wings all akimbo). 


Back in the hippie sixties we were all in search of a utopian world where we’d be one with nature and live off the land.  Who would have thought that utopia was right here in my backyard all the time. 


So please wander around my farm and read my stories.  If you are into dirt and chickens – or would like to be – I think you will enjoy them. 

Have a good time and come back often!



Welcome to my Farm!

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